About Us

Our company is built on the principals of honesty, quality, and service. Most companies would agree that they would like to be associated with these values, but as time goes by and they grow larger and larger, somehow these values slip to the background.


We are committed to staying in a position where this does not happen. We intend to stay relatively small and just take on the amount of work that we can do without compromising our commitment to quality.


We recognize that there are some limitations for a small company so we try to stay focused on our strengths, building on what we learn each day, and applying that to improve our product. As the environment around us changes, there will always be pressure to compromise quality and integrity in order to produce a product in the same amount of hours as the competition, but we have found that when you look at the end result, a superior product is not only more satisfying to manufacture, it is also much easier to invoice.


As a result of our hard work and uncompromising values, the majority of our work is from existing customers who know that they will get a consistent product that is good value. Looking to the future, we are determined to maintain our level of quality. We feel that it is necessary not only to keep our relationships with our customers strong, but also because our work is a reflection on us and our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Case Crafters Inc.
211 S. First Street
Tipp City, OH 45371-1705



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